About Us

Who We Are?

Enormous challenges face the Indian economy in deepening and broadening the national agenda for inclusive development. Lately, on the one hand, there is a marked increase in the willingness of Corporates to undertake activities related to impacting societal and economic development and on the other, the emergence of the voluntary sector as the vehicle for the last mile delivery and willingness to collaborate with corporates.

It is also well known that there is a need for continuous flow of funds for the voluntary sector to implement interventions on a sustainable basis and at the same time Corporates are looking for an implementing arm for their CSR aspirations. The challenge that lies ahead of us is how do we forge partnerships that can leverage each other’s strengths? How do we transform the existing connectivities into sustainable partnerships that will have a game
changing impact in bringing about inclusion?

Through the CSR-CSO/NGO Bridge we hope to bring together the Corporates and Civil Society organizations to understand and forge new channels of sustained cooperation and collaboration.

This compilation highlights many projects – from all parts of the country – which showcase the possibilities for corporates and non-profits to work together on the issues of the childe, education, women empowerment, health, livelihoods, disability, welfare, etc.
Featured programs are a combination of small, medium and large scale projects. some of these projects are promising start-ups while others are well-established; some have a pan-national reach while others transform smaller localities. Reflective of its diversity, each project also provides a unique opportunity for a business to get involved and create a lasting impact in this space. I appeal to all my colleagues to support and help us in building a
strong corporate equity in the partnership for promoting Inclusion.